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Yota 2.4L 22-R I4 \  82 4x4 Carb Help Please

82 4x4 Carb Help Please

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The problem:

I can't get my truck started without physically pouring fuel into the carb, nor does it stay running after it fires up.

What I've checked:

I'm getting fuel from the gas tank to the carb, thus all filters, lines and pumps outside the carb are good.

I checked the floats and pumps in the carb; they all seem to be in good working repair.

I blew air through the carb so the channels in it should be clear.

I siphoned the old gas out and put in fresh premium gas.

What I have questions on:

I had this truck running a few years ago but had to let it sit for a while until the title cleared. Since then, I did get a vacuum diagram and hooked up all the lines, I can't remember if I ever had it running after the lines were hooked up. Could vacuum line cause this much of a problem?

================================================== ===============

I getting really discouraged here and would greatly appreciate some help. Thank you in advance for anything you may offer.

I'm going to go mill over my Chilton to see if there is something in there that might be helpful.
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