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Yota 2.4L 22-R I4 \  wont start

wont start

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nismorgan   +1y
hey guys. My truck decided it didnt want to start this morning, its been acting up on me every now and then while driving..when its under load and i step on the gas hard it dies..i have to gradually increase gas in order to keep it going..but this is just under load (not in neutral). but this morning it didnt start at all. i figured fuel filter but it was alright. I checked spark and it was perfect. so its got plenty of fuel pressure and plenty of spark but it just turns over and nothing happens. The timing chain slaps for less than a second on startup sometimes and i was thinking that could be it. if it were to jump a tooth would it keep it from starting, normally it would sputter a little bit right?

open to any ideas before i tear down the front of the motor, its my daily so i really dont wanna do that

its a 22r with 164k on it if that helps
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vegasyota94   +1y
i would still try replacing fuel filter.. mine did that and i could blow through the filter fine, but i replaced it and it started right up...and you are getting spark? cuz the ignition module could of went bad too.. shit will turn over but never start... thats all i can think of man.. good luck and let us know if u get it fixed.
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nismorgan   +1y
well, i replaced the fuel filter and still nothing, it has perfect spark to all cylinders. and plugs are wet after trying it so there is kinda at a loss. Tomorrow im pulling the timing cover and see if it jumped time, its all i can think of
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