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plugs and wires

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2thpic   +1y
I did a search and came up with not much info on here. (If there is and I skipped over it, direct me.)

I'm looking at replacing plugs and wires, and maybe coil as well.
I've asked some local peps and thay sugest ngk plugs and basic wires for the most part. Most say theres no sence in spends a lot on the plugs and wires cuz you cant tell a difference in proformance with the 22r motors.

So i fig i'll come to the pros and ask.
1. best plugs to use?
2. best wires to use?
3. is there a better coil to use? (I did some searching and all i could find was stock that would replace mine. If i want a better coil do i have to wire in a aftermarket one?)

Any help would be great.
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smctoy   +1y
Im running NGK spark plugs along with MSD 8.5mm plug wires & ignition coil on my 22RE. This also the same setup that I ran on my88 22R. I bought my MSD stuff from a dealer off Ebay. Im sure some of the 22R guys will chime in & let you know what there running as well too.
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Is the coil a direct plug in type or did you have to change the connections?
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shaggy_tacoman   +1y
well for plugs u should go with NGK plugs. Ive been messing with import cars for along time and the best in my opion is NGK i wouldnt run anything else, alot of people thing u have to run the most expensive plugs but u really dont have to my friend has a 800+hp supra and he runs NGKs that only cost 1.99$ a piece so i would just say go with ngk
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ok ngk for plugs.
Now what about wires basic or 8.5mm?
Coil stock or high pro.?
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smctoy   +1y
thread post photo

This is the only pic Ive got at the moment...Ill get some new ones of the MSD coil soon, but you can see in the pic that Ive got the round style coil on my truck. All I did was swap out the factory one for the MSD-(looks just like the factory one) then I hooked up the positive & negative wires, plugged in the ignition wire that goes to the distributor & was done.
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oldsklminitrk   +1y
NGK plugs is what I run in mine and I have a custom made Taylor plug wires...7.5mm as far as a coil set up ...I run the Crane Cams setup..that way you can ditch the ignitor and the coil and this is all in one package.But good luck with that crane kit.....Crane is no longer in buisness.
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2thpic   +1y
So the msd coil is a bit better then stock. and you kept the ignitor and attached it to the side, right?

I was looking at the taylor wire set up as well, but thinking about ordering a v8 set so I get 2 sets for the price of one.
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twisted customz   +1y
I run NGK plugs, and NGK wires and stock coil. I am quite happy with this set up.
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smctoy   +1y

Yes...kept the ignitor & just swapped out the coil. The idea about using the V8 set from Taylor wires is a good plan too. Ive done that before with the V8 wires from Accel.