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Yota 2.4L 22-R I4 \  22R First Start after LC Stage 3 Install

22R First Start after LC Stage 3 Install

Yota 2.4L 22-R I4 Yota Engine Yota Tech
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f0kai12 avatar
f0kai12   +1y

Still have to do final tune up yet.
smctoy avatar
smctoy   +1y
glad to see that you got it running!
truck action avatar
truck action   +1y
Valve noise sounds like not adjusted right!
Timing chain was replaced along with all in that area?
I may be way off here,but have their Pro Street EFI, & no valve noise!
baha avatar
baha   +1y
Congrats I've always been curious about this package from LC are you going to take it to the dyno?

Perdy motor either way!
f0kai12 avatar
f0kai12   +1y

The valve adjustment was as instructed from LC at 8 intake 12 exhaust. Do you suggest otherwise?. Timing chain, water pump, and all belts replace at installation.
f0kai12 avatar
f0kai12   +1y

Yeah I will once I see that the motor has been tuned to the max so I get my money worth. Thanks for the comment. I will post more videos once I get it tuned.
islander671 avatar
islander671   +1y
Very nice and glad to see another che'lu on here....
phatboislim avatar
phatboislim   +1y
sounds heavily cam'd...i like it haha
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