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Seat Fitment

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loasfkyota avatar
loasfkyota   +1y
I have a 94 toyota pickup with the bench seat and i was wanting to put some bucket seats in it, so here's my question..
Are there any bucket seats that will bolt right in?
if not..
What are the easiest bucket seats to put into it?
stll2hi avatar
stll2hi   +1y
Check out Grommit Industries. He's making buckets that will fit perfectly with mounts that can be modified...if needed.
baggedtoy92 avatar
baggedtoy92   +1y
My 4-runner buckets bolted right up except for one hole. Can't get any easier than that. Only thing is, a lot of people don't like the 4-runner buckets. To each his own....
hlditdwn avatar
hlditdwn   +1y
I got a pair of buckets out of an '88 Corolla for $30 at Pick N Pull...they sit in just fine and had to extend the rear mounts just a little. Damn near bolted up, just a lil minor fab...and they sit low for my tall ass! I'll try to get pics up.
loasfkyota avatar
loasfkyota   +1y

I'm not to picky about it, my main plan is to get buckets in it so i can build a center console for some subs, no room behind a bench seat in a single cab for a couple 12's lol
xtotalanarcoix avatar
xtotalanarcoix   +1y
I swear this forum is always failing to post my replies! Anyway I will try to find some pics of how I mounted my acura seats, they fit really well and are nearly bolt in.

I also ran the 4runner seats back in the day in my 84 and i thought they were really nice seats. I also ran some del sols for awhile..... not so nice seats.
holcombe347 avatar
holcombe347   +1y
I put a 60/40 split toyota pickup seat i got from a buddy. bolted right in and even managed to get a 10 behind the seat... you could easily get two 10" subs in there but i didnt. if you modified the rear firewall, im sure you could get a box to house 12" subs.
loasfkyota avatar
loasfkyota   +1y
I really appreciate everyone's help on this but the seats have been put on the back burner, I bought a hopped up 4.3L for the truck, kinda came out of no where, so now all my money, energy, spare time, and did i say money? will go into getting the 4.3 in it, seats can wait lol.
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vegasyota94   +1y
i got 95 saturn sl1 buckets for my shitbox... but havent tried to put em in yet since my truck is torn apart.
loasfkyota avatar
loasfkyota   +1y

Let me know how those turn out, like i said, seats are on the back burner but definitely aren't out of my mind, i gotta do something while the trucks just sitting there