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Need some help

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locaddy   +1y
K my trucks been torn down since 10/07. Started out as simple bag possible sfbd shave and paint. I pretty much took it apart, stripped it to metal and let it sit til recently. Now I need to have it as my daily by next weekend. Obviously the bags are out, basically I just want to trim it all out and paint the interior sheetmetal, jams, under the hood, etc While everything is apart. It would be pretty shitty to let it sit that long and roll it out in worse shape than it started.

This week I restripped all the surface rust, roughed in all the bodywork and shot some epoxy on the exterior, thats about all Im doing there for now. Then I gutted the interior because its all blue and the truck is going green so its all gotta be changed. I got everything out and all the paint scuffed up inside the cab. I also cut the windshield out and removed the headliner. Thats where I need some help.

I believe the base model 4 speed trucks like mine were a little different than others. My windshield had a gasket around it simular to the back glass, it didnt have the black and chrome trim around it, just rubber. Also the headliner wraps around and is glued to all the pinch welds including the windshield pinch.

My first Q is could I have the glass that I took out urethaned back in and go with the clip on black and chrome trim? I cant paint the truck just yet and It would be much nicer to paint it without that trim on it. And I think it looks better as well. Also i need to know if I DO go that route do the clips that hold the trim on need to go on when the glass does or do they just pop in?

About the headliner I need to know If I gotta get one back in before the windshield goes in or if they make one that doesnt have to wrap under the windshield?

Any help would be great!

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2thpic   +1y
headliner has to be in before tha glass, unless to can fig. out a way to attach it in the f. without it being held in place by the glass.
on the windshield i can ask my bro, cuz he's a windshield guy and that's all he does for a living.
i'll ask him tonight and i let you tomorrow, cool.
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