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chassis wiring diagrams

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macdave06 avatar
macdave06   +1y
I'm looking for a wiring diagram for my truck because I'm switching to aftermarket guages and I need to splice into the turn signal wiring and stuff. anybody know where I can find a good one?
kdcgrohl avatar
kdcgrohl   +1y
The back of a Haynes manual has what you're looking for.
macdave06 avatar
macdave06   +1y
a good one? cause I got a haynes manual for the motor (caprice) and its kinda vague on some things.
truck action avatar
truck action   +1y
I got a real good one from the Toyota dealer,sorry can't post up for you,covers 88 truck & 4-Runner. They should have one for your year truck!
nigels_world avatar
nigels_world   +1y
Tons of info including FSMs:

klaus avatar
klaus   +1y
G'day. I am a newby also. I have a 1991 Proceed (Jap import into New Zealand). It has the fuel injected 2.6lt engine, 5 speed manual. I am looking for a downloadable copy of the electrical diagram for my beast, especially the circuitry around the electric sunroof, but anything to do with my beast will be greatly appreciated. I am unsure as to whether this forum accepts private messaging. If it does I am happy to accept pm's. TIA
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