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under seat subs?

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tony666   +1y
hey i dont know if its a new thing or not or there just not very talked about cause i not long ago only heard that you can get subs that sit under your seat. made for utes where you cant have a sub any where else. has anyone else heard about them or even got one and are they any good and what brands are there?
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baha   +1y
I remember seeing them advertised in JC Whitney many years ago. I don't have any first hand experience with them, but people have told me they didn't like the bass coming from under their seat.
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yodaforce   +1y
The early MR2's came with a measly 6" sub under the driver seat and believe it or not, it made a big difference in the sound quality (for the driver). Crutchfield has alot of them. They are made for sound quality, not volume. If you want your neighbors down the street to hear your bass, this is not what you want, but if you want great sound quality for YOUR listening pleasure when you are driving, they work! And without giving up space in the cabin to bigger enclosures.
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zip tyd   +1y
I know Kenwood makes one. It's a powered 8" sub. And as yodaforce stated Cruchfield has them.
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Tyler115   +1y
Has anyone put one of these under-seat subwoofers in a Mazda B2200? It would be nice to know if there is one that fits under the passenger seat.
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