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Indy Who's gonna be there?

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yecker avatar
yecker   +1y
Who's all going to Indy this year?
cnudrln avatar
cnudrln   +1y
ill be there. <ST> here is leaving thurs night.
lowyota avatar
lowyota   +1y
I plan on rollin in aorund 10-11 thursday night
xmdragonass avatar
xmdragonass   +1y
rollin bout 7 deep WITH my toyota !!!!!!!!!!!! all the fuckz way from north dakota, we're leavin tuesday night and should be there bout 6 pm on wednesday... its a vacation, why not take a few extra days, cant wait to see you all there !!! make sure u say what up if u see me around my toyota
2lowtoy avatar
2lowtoy   +1y
I'm rolling down thursday with my 99 Tacoma. cause my 89 isn't done
slammed avatar
slammed   +1y
I will be there with my toyota FINALLY, gonna be a freakin blast. Kyle we have to go dragging together since we will both have our trucks there.
toy-so-low avatar
toy-so-low   +1y
sic shit....i am gonna go there.its about 10 hours i think from where im from so hells yea ill be there ..sad thing is yota it not good enough for show i think!!!:P.... but hope to see some good ideas for next year
2lowtoy avatar
2lowtoy   +1y

10hrs.. god no. you can do it in about 9 average. I've done it in 7hrs but got a speeding ticket at the same time. And as for your truck not being show worthy. it's cheaper to register it and just park it in the back.
vegasyota94 avatar
vegasyota94   +1y
ill be in indy around may 12th.. of 07.. lol
indy is my home town too... damn havent been back for 10 years since i was 17
m_i_zombie avatar
m_i_zombie   +1y
I'll be there, I'm leaving about 8am saturday. It only takes me about 3hrs to get there.