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something went wrong i think

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Alright i just got new tires about 30 mins ago. On the ride home it felt like my front was sittin a lil' high but i didn't pay that much attention. When i got home i looked to make sure everything was ok and well, it does seem my front end is higher than my rear. I have a 4/6 drop plus 2" shackles on the rear. So the rear tucks a little more than the front but there is a very noticible difference. They didn't use a lift, they used floor jacks and had to jack it up in like 5 diff ways...the rear first....then in the front both sides... then one jack on one lower control arm....i didn't like the way they were doing this but it is a bitch to jack this thing up.. it's a 96 gmc ext. runnin 245/60/R15's with stock wheels....anyone ever had this type of problem? i mean im only gonna be driving it for about a month more before i bag the front but i just wanna see if there is anything i need to check out... i know this post was long but any help is appreciated.
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