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Detailing \  Presidential Detailed: 2000 Acura Integra Type R 56k-NOOO!!!

Presidential Detailed: 2000 Acura Integra Type R 56k-NOOO!!!

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the twanksta   +1y
This is my friend Angelo's 2000 Integra Type R, it needed A LOT of work. I do not think the car has been touched in a LONG time but the car always looked good, but it needed to be polished real bad. So Angelo finally let me do my magic and it turned out amazing! We went ahead and did a Full Interior/Exterior Detail on the Integra. BEWARE TONS OF PICTURES! This is a pretty in depth write-up of everything that was done to the car, so get comfortable! ;) Thanks for looking!

Optimum Car Wash
DD "Uber" Red Drying Towel
DD "Uber" Wool Mitt
Dual Buckets with Grit Guards
3m "green" Masking Tape
Optimum Instant Detail Spray
Adams Professional Clay Bar
Adam's Invisible Undercarriage Spray
Menzerna IP/LC PFW Pad
Menzerna 106FF/ LC CCS White Pad
Menzera PO85RD/ LC CCS Blue Pad
Menzerna Top Inspection
Tons of Uber MF Towels
Adams Window Cleaner
Black WOW

Lusso Oro applied with Uber Foam Applicator

1Z Einszett Capet Shampoo
1Z Einszett Cockpit Premium
Leather Masters Foam Cleaner
Leather Masters Nubuck Protector
Adams Window Cleaner
Uber All Purpose MF's

P21S Wheel Cleaner Gel
Swissvax Pneu
Swissvas Cleaner Fluid
Swissvax Autobahn

Dual Work Lamps
Dewalt Hi Speed Rotary
World's Greatest Boar's Hair Wheel Brush
Foam Pad Cleaning Brush
DD Detail Sponge
The Wheel Well/Fender Brush
The Spoke Brush

Canon Rebel XTi
Craftsmen 295MPH Vac/Blow

Here are the pics: We will start with the Interior...



the twanksta   +1y
NOW TO THE FUN PART! EXTERIOR! Unfortunately, I took all before pictures of the door jambs and forgot to get after shots, but everything I took a picture of was either removed or cleaned ;)

Washing the wheels and door jambs..

Claying the car..

Test Spot on the hood...

50/50 on hood with Menzerna IP/LC PFW Pad

The wheels get the best treatment possible, I swear that wheel wasnt floating when I took the picture! :lol:

Taking the wing off, this enables me to polish the trunk lid the correct way.

Taping off the car...

Did I mention this was a Jap car?? :lol:

It aint a tight car unless its Type R!

50/50 on Front Fender after IP/PFW

Did I mention this car needed to be polished??

It needed to be washed at this point!

Last shots for day 1...Still need to go over again with 106ff/white and put LSP on.

After the wing bottom was polished, we re-installed to do the top. The tape is so that I dont hit the already polished fenders while polishing the wing...

Final Rinse Down..

FINALLY FINISHED!!! This is when everything pays off! :nerd:

The infamous pose! Yes, in YELLOW!! ;)

A Happy Customer!

And off she goes...

draggin20ʹs   +1y
if anyone doesn't know all ready me and twanksta r quite the honda FANS and it go's for all r other friends to every other pic has a random honda in it lol but it comes time to part from the V-TAK and get into a gangsta ride RANGER and drag that bitch down every major highway in florida lol. as for the detailing just read my SIG

get it done the right way!!!!!
YotaMan   +1y
I like how the interior became so neat. great work
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