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raised bed floor

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ã,â§pl rangerǃ   +1y
well im lookin into baggin my truck agn cuz i found a shop that i dont have to sell my soul to to pay for it, and im wonderin how hard it is to raise the bed floor in a flareside rather than have it cut out
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smarsogvp   +1y
Are you thinkin about doin it yourself or havin the shop do it with bags? If you're havin the shop do it ive heard its about $1000 with parts & labor. If your doin it yourself than basically what you do is cut the bed floor around the inside wall to remove it and build a steel frame that will support/raise your floor. Then you weld the floor with the wheelwells and sides back in, or build a new one with sheetmetal

Heres a link that has more info
Raised Bed Floor
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22below   +1y
3 to 4 grand? that is all a soul is worth!!
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ã,â§pl rangerǃ   +1y
lol mine is used and abused, so yeah i wouldnt price it much higher than that
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