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how do i bag?

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jealousonesenvy   +1y
How do i bag my 97 ranger on stock i beams?
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baha   +1y
So you don't want to lay on the frame? To bag using the stock ibeams the only part that will work with that set up is the bolt on lower bag mounts by Chassis Tech.
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slammedxonair   +1y
As soon as you get it on bags your going to wish you did it right and laid it out the first time. I'm sure it could lay out on some 15s with low pro tires and stock beams but that would look dumb and you would need a custom lower bracket setup. those Chassis Tech parts for Ibeam trucks suck, I've used them on a customers truck took them right back off and made some custom lower brackets that would work corretly with the upper bracket that was supplied.

This is what I suggest to most of my customers. Get your drop beams and install them and probably a flip kit and roll it static for a while while you save up for the air kit (if you need to save up for it). Once the beams are on and you are going to bag it on the DJM drop beams (DJM provides the most clearance when bagging vs other brands) install a radius arm and transmission crossmember relocators to be able to lay true frame and correct the front suspension geometry. Be sure to install the radius arm relocator before setting up your bag brackets or all of the geometry will be off.

the other option is to clip the truck, the most popular clips are 84.5-94.5 toyota pickups for great grometry and minimal camber change. The other is a mustang ii front clip which has alot more aftermarket availability. If you have any part specific questions or are interested in ordering an air kit send me an email to
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