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slamming a 01 xlt

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ginet01xlt   +1y
whats the cheapest way to slam a 01 ford ranger 4/5???
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baha   +1y
DJM makes a pretty good drop kit. I wouldn't go to cheap with your suspension like cutting springs or anything, it's your safety we are talking about. I didn't know if that's what you meant. Here is a link to a drop kit.

slammedxonair avatar
slammedxonair   +1y
Thanks for posting the link Rob. Yes the DJM 4/5 kit is the best way to go, you could run the 4/5 kit without shocks for a litttle while but I would recommend upgrading to some Doetsch Nitro Slammer shocks later on or the DJM Calmax shocks if your budget does not allow for the Nitro Slammers. If you have any product specific questions please feel free to email me
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