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smarsogvp   +1y
Im pretty new to airbags and i have a question about my compressor. I have two 5 gallon tanks and one Viair 450. Will the compressor be ok with that much airspace for a couple months until i save up for another, or should i only use one tank for now?

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22below   +1y
that will work, it also depends how much PSI you are going to have it run...
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smarsogvp   +1y
the compressor is rated at 150 and i got a 145-110 pressure switch, nothin crazy...
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tuckin eh   +1y
it will work, but it's gonan take a decent amount of time to fill. nothing insane, but you'll be wanting to get a second asap. i have 10 gallons of air and the same pressure switch with 2 viar 380s and it's still too slow IMO
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smarsogvp   +1y
Ya, thats what i figured... just wanted to make sure the compressor would be fine for now though. Thanks alot guys
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unusualfabrication   +1y
Pretty sure your AC system is leaking.
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