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still having heat issues

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down2earth   +1y
for the last few years my truck hasnt had any heat. its a 94 splash without air. when i first bought it you couldnt stand to sit in it it was so hott. now barely gets the chill out of the air. I know its not winter and i wont need it for a while i just want it fixed. It always blows air out of the vents even with everything off. i didnt think it should do that. i was wearing sandals the other day and when i let off the gas i noticed there was air blowing out in the floor also but wasnt doing it while driving. any help would be freaking awesome. getting tired of messing with it
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baha   +1y
Do you have a Haynes repair manual? It has a pretty good write up on the blend door. Your cables might be loose. The air you feel is most likely coming from the cowl. It gets faster as you accelerate right?
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