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2005 Ranger 3.0L Turbo and Exhaust

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killersloth   +1y
What would be a good exhaust to run on my ranger? I dont want it too loud, and it has to be CA smog legal. I like the way my mom's Inifnity G35 sounds, but maybe just a little louder. I was thinking Flowmasters, but I dont know what series to run.

Also, if I wanted to turbo my engine, what all would I need? Is there a turbo I could use out of another car/truck? I dont know a whole lot about turbos, just the basic idea of them.

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bodydropped85   +1y
there isnt a "kit" for the 3.0s it would all have to be custom made, i would run a borla muffler and bigger pipe from the converters to the muffler.
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tiger   +1y
No idea on the exhaust, so many choices out there, just have to really hear a muffler on a 3.0 that you like and go with it.

To run a turbo, you'll have to do a LOT of fabrication. You'd need to build custom exhaust headers that combine into a single tube very near the engine (assuming you only want to use a single turbo), weld on a flange for the turbo you'll run, fab tubes from the turbo to the intak manifold, or to an intercooler first, then manifold.

You'd want to run a much bigger throttle body, larger fuel injectors, higher capacity fuel pump, oil/water lines to/from turbo, remapped ECU, depending on the turbo, external wastegate, etc.

You'd not be able to run a very large turbo, as the 3.0 isn't terribly strong. You could give it a 100HP bump and be OK, but a 70 HP bump is more realistic.

No chance of a turbo system from another car even coming close to bolting up. You could scavenge just the turbo, but the rest would still have to be fab'd up.
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scrp1day   +1y
i have a 3.0 and trustme i did my homework the best you can hope for is a supercharger otherwiase just get a 4 swaped in there. way toomuch money and work and theres really not any room for it.
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blue_94_ranger   +1y
concerning the exhaust, i have a 94 w/ the 3.0 and i bought the flowmaster super 40 and 3 in. custom bent stainless steel, but just single outlet. i really like the sound, very deep and not rappy in the high rpms. it was kinda pricy (spelling?) though.
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the twanksta   +1y
Flowmaster 40 series sounds nice on a ranger!
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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
I agree
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