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Few Changes?

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wicked mayhem   +1y
havnt really posted much on here lately, thought id throw up some new pics of the ranger.. dont remember what it looked like last time i threw up pics but i redid the bed floor.. still working on it actually, got side to side, traded front bumpers cause my old one was bent, traded my twisted up belltechs for his rear bumper and am redoing my console.. guess thats about it.. need to get some angle soon and redo the bottom of my rails, the pass. side sits a little over an inch lower layed out..

not hittin very good sides here..

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stylinranger   +1y
good stuff looks good
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baha   +1y
what's fruit cake customs? lol
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snooptodd   +1y
nice lookin' truck! Have you had any problems with the viair mounted underneath?
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wicked mayhem   +1y

something my friend thought would be cool so he got stickers made.. then he took his off.. and then i wanted to have less stickers so i took mine off n now only 1 of our buddies has it.. lol

and no no problems yet with the viair mounted there.. been like that since like christmas.. here recently i was havin problems with the relays goin bad but i redid the connections and wrapped then and mounted the relay out of the way of everyting nad its been good..
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thetornado   +1y
the beds lookin real clean!!! what are your plans to finish it?
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wicked mayhem   +1y

thanks.. future plans are get another set of bullits, redo the front bag setup, tweed interior, get a bed liner, finish out body work, make lower bedsides/fenderwells look half decent( cracking and ripping from dragging them and then they get huge dents from them gettin crushed) so make that looks decent and get the truck painted and pretty much just drive it like that for a while till i got another daily so i can do major mods to it.. these are like long distant plans, i dont make alot of money to be doing much of anythign fast..
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scrp1day   +1y
i really dig the new bed and the center console great draggin footage too!
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