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had the truck out

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So I actually had the truck out of the garage for alittle bit. cleaned the dust off of it by driving up and down my street. Should have seen the cloud that was formed when I pulled away the first time.

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daweezi   +1y
lookin good, cant wait to see some more progress
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spngr311   +1y
Get to work on it slacker!! I want to see this done!
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isuzueh   +1y
hot dam you just gave me goosebumps
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scrp1day   +1y
hot shit man! cant wait to see it so done
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stylinranger   +1y
looks good cant wait to c done
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snooptodd   +1y
that thing is going to be sick!!!
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dirty   +1y
looks good chris
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baha   +1y
awsome! looks like you got the bumper to meet up with the fender really well looks factory avatar   +1y
tonights update.
passanger fender should be done tomorrow
passanger fenderwell is tacked in. More welds tomorrow.