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three projects down...countless more to go

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tiger   +1y
This week has been a busy one. I mounted a fuel tank in the bed to get my stock one off the ground; it's not a big, fancy fuel cell, but it doesn't look bad until I can get one. I also relocated my battery under the bed (where the gas tank was) to clean up the engine bay and so I don't have to do it later.

Question, how off will my fuel gauge be now? I'm sure the capacity of the new tank (it's out of a '96 ish Dakota), and I extended all the fuel pump wires...right now with a little less then two gallons in the tank, the gauge reads slightly below 'E'. I guess that's OK...


Battery under the's a little close to the driveshaft, but it's rock solid and the shaft has full movement without interference:
thread post photo

Underhood, this'll do for now....-
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Fuel tank-

Ah...more ground clearance-
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Shaved fender and antenna-
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New me +10 cool points-
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I still need to shave the doors and fuel door now that I've almost got everything installed....that'll be next week.

Next project: mirrors.
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jackedup99   +1y
looking good man

when you going to get that hood fixed?
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95lowtide   +1y
looks good man!! i like that gas tank. maybe you could rig up the dakota fuel pump so your gas gauge will read properly??
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tiger   +1y
I dunno. After I get a job I'll think about getting a new one. I'm half wanting to go with a different front end, but I'm not sire what I want yet. But I'll fix the hood, fender, core support and radiator panel one of these days...

I'm using the stock sending unit, but I'm not sure if the float is calibrated for the Ranger tank or'll just have to fill it up and see how high the gauge goes, because I know where it sits when almost empty.
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spngr311   +1y
Let us how big that tank is. How much did it run you? avatar   +1y
Aslong as the floater on the sending you isn't hitting anything and is allowed to go through it's full travel than your gas guage will not be off all it does it read where the floater is sitting and then sends that to your cluster. So my guess is you will be fine. But don't come yelling at me if you end up on the highway lol.

Looks good with the progress!
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tiger   +1y
I just put the rest of the gas from my old tank, maybe 8-9 gallons total and the gas gauge now reads F. I've also got a check engine light because the seal from the fill spout to the tank isn't a good one...I'll get it all worked out here soon. I'll just have to remember that my gauge is screwy....
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baha   +1y
I like the cover you made for the fuel pump, can't wait to see it bagged man
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wht01ranger   +1y
^^ yea, that is by far the CLEANEST stock/non fuel cell tank setup i have ever seen
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hotboxd   +1y
looks awesome. by far the cleanest battery reroute (temp. insulation post) i've seen.

looks tight, now sell me those headlights and those mirrors!
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