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got some more work done

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dirty   +1y

cut the bed out to bodydrop it
need some clearance for my tank and comps
(thats my friend josh playing with the sawzall)

got it cut loose

most of it is welded back now
got a few more spots to finish

the back of the bed

got the taillights welded up but the pic didnt come out good so ill have to take some more later

this is an idea i have for my tails
not sure if im gonna do it or not

i also have the skin trimmed and ready to go but im waiting to install when i figure out my taillights. hopefully this week ill have it installed with tails
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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y

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dwarfranger   +1y

mutha' F ukin Werd! French that s hit or somehtin'
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daweezi   +1y
not really likin the placement of the tails but to each his own, my suggestion would be to french them in, u could possible keep the angle that they are at but recess it with the bucket kind of cut out to allow for the light to show through at that angle, just a thought
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dirty   +1y
well im not completely sold on the placement of the tails. it was just put there to see what it would like. if i were to keep them like that they would be frenched. ive got another idea that im pondering that i think would be better. well see when it get to that point avatar   +1y

I said the same thing over on RPS.
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dirty   +1y
yeah i saw your comment there chris.
i appreciate the honesty
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
that taillight looks like your truckwould have hard nipples
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scrp1day   +1y

werd that or a red condom filled with air stuck on the back but they would look bad arse frenched in. what exact model are those off of?
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tiger   +1y
Those are '59 Caddy Eldorado tail lights. I was thinking of using those frenched in, pointing straight back though, but decided that too many people are starting to use them, so I think I'm gonna go with just LEDs...which even more people use...but whatta you gonna do?

I'm with everyone else...french 'em or leave 'em off.