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my ranger with the new interior

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i h8 hites   +1y

hope u guys like it. let me know what ya think
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baha   +1y
nice interior, gota love the flare sides
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cruznlife1   +1y
I love that center console, thats exactly what I need... is it wood ? I'm thinking about making one out of some thin mdf just like that.... I want to use my explorer console, but my shifter placement isnt exactly stock with the pony trans.... have any buildup pics of it ??
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tiffany   +1y
that truck is fordgasmic!!!!!!

i love the freakin truck! soooo effin hott!
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johnny5   +1y
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i h8 hites   +1y
sorry cruzn i didnt take any pics of it when i was buildin it, but basically i started with a flat design adn cut the shape for the sides. then i put the top together and held the bends together with wood glue and thin sheetmetal from the underside. i did this so when i put the tweed on i could screw it in place from the bottom and not have any screws shown thru the tweed. thanks for the props fellas. peace..mikey
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daweezi   +1y
great interior man, not a big fan of tweed but yours looks hella good
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wht01ranger   +1y
thats really nice, good work
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tiffany   +1y

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robert0035   +1y
Looks good man!