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Ranger Projects \  post the craziest cani lever set ups you can find!!

post the craziest cani lever set ups you can find!!

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baha   +1y
do you guys think canti levers are worth it?
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wht01ranger   +1y
they nifty


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daweezi   +1y
yea ive never really understood how they work
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spngr311   +1y
It's just a rocker arm that transmits the forces around a pivot point. It's a simple device. We used them on the 2003 FSAE car at FIT. Unfortunately, I don't have any pics of it.
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tiger   +1y
Hopefully the next project truck will have a double canti set-up.
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bodydropped85   +1y
yea true canitlevers not just lever style. i dont cuz it puts the bag at a fded up angle.
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wht01ranger   +1y

haha tight, my school, SPSU, has a car...the coil overs are on a canty also, pretty tight little setup, what motor are u guys using this year? our new car has a GSX-R 650, last year the 600 was used
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spngr311   +1y
Well, I'm not too up on it this year as I graduated last May. The last I heard, we weren't doing the FSAE competition, but the BAJA one this year.

Last year we used an R6 motor. We won a free CBR (I think, all I know is it was a Honda and it was a new one coming out) last year at the dinner / banquet.

Last year, we ran a simple bell-crank style suspension for the shocks/springs; against my wishes. That's what happens when the team leader disregards the advice of the rest of the team and it's suspension division's designer (me).
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wht01ranger   +1y
haha, that sucks

yea i saw a flyer up around our building for the BAJA/Rockcrawling team, they were also doin like a hover craft team...but the baja team would be pretty damn cool
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infernoford   +1y
I love true canti setups