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A Memorial to some friends

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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
A tragedy happend a few months ago, a few of my friends lost intrest in their rides and seem to have lost track of time. LoNslo got him a woman and my Roomate Josh "Raheem The Dream" just didnt want to do shit at all, kept making excuses and finally I stop'd trying to help him. And all its done is sit.

So here's to 2 trucks that will never grace us again.

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bodydropped85 avatar
bodydropped85   +1y
the explorer will be rollin soon!
daweezi avatar
daweezi   +1y
i still have yet to see the explorer in person, i would love to see that thang
baha avatar
baha   +1y
hahahaha thats great
bodydropped85 avatar
bodydropped85   +1y
its at my house. aint like its gona drive away...
wht01ranger avatar
wht01ranger   +1y
lol, push it off the stands
spngr311 avatar
spngr311   +1y
LOL! Everyone has those days where they lose that motivation. But damn, not for a few months.
wht01ranger avatar
wht01ranger   +1y
or in this case spngr, a year haha
bodydropped85 avatar
bodydropped85   +1y
hahah shut up mark
xxxxcjxxxx avatar
xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
those trucks r sweet.. most woman r pretty good at getting in the way of a man and his ride!

JB u better get get that explorer rolling again even if it isnt yours

what left to do to these trucks?