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Bad Day turns into an Awesome Day

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throwback ranger   +1y
Well i go to school till 2 in the morning and was kind of pissed this morning when i got a phone call at 7:30 to inform me that my great, organized, project filled, money making shop was crushed by a huge oak tree that up rooted itself in the recently bad weather. The 80x40 foot shop is a total loss, it went through 2 project cars, one in primer ready for paint, and another that was close to primer. My golf cart that was customized with audio equipment and on bags was crushed. So far, i think the damages are up to 300,000 on the shop.

Well i was up all day, calling clients back home to inform them there cars they haven;t been touched in almost two months were crushed by that damn oak tree....FUCKING OAK TREES!

around 4:30 right before class was to begin, i got the offer of a life time, well to me anyways, and i took it. I am trading my 1990 Ford Ranger, My brand new Horizontal Bandsaw ( Harbor Freight Special) and the scrap metal in my storage unit for a 1961 Ford Econoline Pickup. The only thing i need to know is what is the front suspension on it? I think it might be Kingpin. If anyone knows, please let me know.
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slammedyota91   +1y
Hope you had insurance
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