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Check this School Bus out!!!!

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jetmodifydranger   +1y
Thought I would share this cause its bad@$$. They and the bus have already won several awards from it and they are still taking it to a show in Vegas. Sad thing is they are going to sell it January 19th on the Barrett Jackson show on the Speed Channel. Hopefully this link works cause it is an awesome build. I dont really post up links too often so if it doesnt work can someone let me know what im doing wrong?? haha I wish I could afford to buy it since it is an awesome build. I know some of you arent into streetrods, but its on air too!! haha Baha im sure you will enjoy seeing this considering some of our past convos.

Oh its a '32 Ford Bus by the way. Chop top and bagged. Hell just watch the video. Later
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snooptodd   +1y
That thing is bad ass!!!
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bruiser   +1y
thats sick as hell
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jetmodifydranger   +1y
Yeah im really likin it a lot!! I posted it on SSM and a few other sites and people were sayin it would be better with a front end off of an actual bus, but if you seen where they started and where it is now you could see why they didnt. Considering its not something you can just go and buy like you can a 32 Ford rod front end. Plus it kinda adds to the whole street rod theme. Its still pretty freakin nice either way IMO!!
22below avatar
22below   +1y
WOW, thats awesome, the paint job is beautiful
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