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Whats going on people.

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mark98xlt   +1y
Well just stopping in to say whats going on and see how everyone is doing and their projects. Been busy working alot lately Havent done much to the truck last mod I did I picked up a ARE fiberglass cover for my truck for $150 and paid $250 to get it painted Im pretty happy with it other than that My truck is still looking the same Ill post pics in the photo forum. Other than that nothing is new besides I finally got banned over on RPS about my thread on taco bell and how I like to eat it when Im drunk and how they know my order when I roll in at night haha than it got changed to how I was drunk driving and stuff that i didnt even say by some damn canook on the forum lol. Just stopping in to say hi and Ill be visiting your forum alot more often now Im over on ranger-forums which is a nice site and alot of nice people but it seems like Im the only lowered one there and most of their posts and stuff are directed towards stock or lifted suspension seems like the only one there on control arms and not torsion bars but they are a nice group of people Ill give them that.
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95lowtide   +1y
hey man welcome back. i been busy as heck working on bagging my truck. i got the rear done and just needing the front done. anywho, i cant wait to see pics of your tonneau cover on your truck.
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mark98xlt   +1y

Yeah I saw pics of it on rps couple weeks ago it looked real nice, Also I posted pics on the snapshots if you didnt see already.
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dirty   +1y

im over there too (dirty)
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baha   +1y
welcome back man
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