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a few more '66 pics

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A few asked me to post some more pics of the '66...well, here are some. Still no shots of the body...I'm waiting until it's all one color for those.

Here is a good shot of the block in place...just checking for oil pan clerance and where the firewall will need to be can see the power brake conversion and smoothed firewall. The sides of the engine bay are getting smoothed as well. After discovering that two (!) piston skirts were cracked, I've decided to bore the motor .030":

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A shot of the upgraded front suspension. I'm using a set of coil overs from a Jag to replace the coil springs and shock...much cleaner and cooler looking. Won't know the final location of them until the motor is in...then I can dial in the ride height as I want it:
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And lastly, a box full of parts...timing gears, gaskets, overbore pistons, etc, etc, etc:
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Remember that much of this is still in mock-up...everything will get a nice new coat of paint and button head allen bolts in the final build.
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looks good also a set of bags and maybe some vavles i have would look good on there
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