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Weekend from hell.....Long ass post!

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tiffany   +1y
Sorry for the long post but I think its good and worth the reading!

My family has been planning a camping/fourwheeling trip for about a month that was suppose to take place this weekend but instead I have had a weekend that I prolly wont be able to forget for awhile. Unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

On Friday night I came home all pumped up to go but dad said that he was sick and wasnt able to go. I was a lil disappointed. So since plans got cancelled I didnt really do anything Friday night except think about fourwheeling on Saturday. So I told CJ we were going and I asked my brother if he wanted to go fourwheeling Saturday afternoon then camp then we could come back early Sunday! He was like alright sounds good. So me CJ and my brother got all ready to go. Packed up the F250, and a trailer with 3 fourwheelers and headed out.

On the way down (its an hour drive) we got stuck behind this firebird with carpet on top. Im like what is he doing and as I said that, a roll of carpet fell off the firebird and almost hit the front of the truck. I slammed on the brakes. Didnt hit us but I had no choice but to run it over. It scared me. So we kept driving making fun of the guy. The we get behind this lil Tracker shes just tooooting along and Im like alright lets go lady then we come to a flashing yellow light. The Tracker decided that she wanted to turn and wasnt paying any attention and turned right infront of an old bronco. I swear time stopped and it was all in slow motion. I saw her turn, then I saw lights right threw her windows, then I saw the Bronco go up over and turn and I was like OMG OMG hes gonna hit up so I punched it and turned the corner just to get out of the way, then I saw the Bronco land right on the hood and was laying back to back with the Tracker. I parked the truck we all ran over to help. CJ helped get one guy out of the Bronco, he had a broken leg. Tried to get a girl out but her arm was broke and she said she was real sore so we were afraid she had more damage so we covered her up to keep her warm and just let her rest. Another guy was pinned inside the Bronco. We really couldnt see him but he was really messed up from what thr girl told us. Looked at the Tracker and a 10 year old girl was trapped inside with her headsplit open. The lady driving got out ok... The lady behind us was putting bandages on people that looked like they needed them she was a nurse. I directed traffic all around the accident so that people wouldnt just drive right through it. After the cops got there they decided to life flight 2 of the people, the lil girl and the guy in the back of the Bronco. We were there for about hour to hour and a half hours just helping out.

Gets better......

After we were told it was ok for us to leave we drove down to our property where we were going to camp and got all dressed up (it was cold out), unloaded the fourwheelers, and went for a lil ride. We were riding toward the normal spot that we play in and as we got closer we started seeing the sky light up more and more so we come around this corner and there is a HUGE forrest fire. We turn around and head back to the camp. We talked about it and from camp it was about a mile of woods away. Wind blowing in our direction. As we were thinking whether or not we wanted to leave we see 4 fire trucks go past us. If you could only see what these trucks were driving through (sand pits, mudd holes, very curvy and bumpy roads. they are all made for dirt bikes and fourwheelers)! So we were like alright I guess its time to go home. No camping here tonight. We packed up and started to head toward the front. When we got there there were 8 more fire engines there ready to go back and help. I was amazed.

Before last night I had never seen so many fire department vehicles in my life. 4 at the accident, 3 ambulances, a helocopter, then 12 fire engines at the camp, and 4 regular fire rescue vehicles. All in one night.

Once I got home, I took a deep breathe and thanked the Lord that I was alive. I went straight to bed no thought about it. Funny how some things work out. I got to thinking about the what ifs. What if I didnt move at the light, the Bronco would have hit us AFTER my dad said "Dont let anything happen to my black trailor, you know its my baby *with a chuckle*". or what if I let my brother drive from the gas station like he wanted to, we could have driven slower on the way down and just been a detour vehicle or we could have went faster and past the accident before it happened, or we could have arrived at almost the same time but he doesnt brake the way I do and we could have been hit! Many things can happen. You just never know! So live life as if today was your last so that you know you are living life to the fullest!
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95lowtide   +1y
HOLY CRAP!! what an adventure! im glad you all are OK and didnt get hurt. avatar   +1y
Crazy weekend.. Glad you and CJ and your brother are okay.
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
that was sum crazy shit... the accident was a total life flash before your eyes moment.. i could see that lil tracker was about to be rocked like no toher.. it wasnt a bronco it was an older Chevy Blazer K5 lifted on like 35's... it was trashed when it rolled and it was really bad, the accident happened litterally at our drivers side front fender and I dunno how tiff managed to pull off to the side w/o the Blazer hittin the f250 Crew Cab 4x4 or the Trailer we had on the back that has 2 wheelers and a bunch of gas and stuff all in it! It was amazing that everyone was alive none in the blazer that flipped was wearing seat belts and the guy i helped out of the blazer kept buggin me to get his cd book and i couldnt see it anywhere.. my guess is there were drugs in it or something.

That fire... good lord it was huge... and moving fast last night was windy and its been insanely dry around here for about a month, so it just spread like no other! Well i'm glad this weekend is just over and we all made it thru it w/o any harms... it just makes you realize how fast your life can completely change!
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wht01ranger   +1y
what a drive y'all, glad you guys are ok

my friend had a K5 blazer lifted on 35s, black /red two factory two tone, had lots of good times in that truck in the dunes

but yea, he wasnt wearing his seat belt, and he went off the road on the way back from panama city spring break yr and a half ago. same thing tho, he wasnt wearing his belt and he rolled several times. he didn't survive though.

so, glad you guys are a-ok
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phatkix   +1y
wholey smokes, good thing you guys are safe
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layingframe89   +1y
dang sounds like alot of crap happened
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baha   +1y
glad you guys are ok! an event like that will really make you think about your life and how precious life really is
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tiffany   +1y
amen to that Baha!
It was funny drivin on the highway last night I started to think abut it and CJ and I both put our seatbelts on.....
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scrp1day   +1y
i hate my seaatbelt but whenever i look next to me at my son in his carseat or just his empty car seat i buckle up. i dont want to leave him fatherless cuz im a dumbass!