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Whos going?

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dubranger   +1y
whos going the the afterthoughts car show in cordele ga?
iam going!!!

bodydropped85   +1y
i am
wht01ranger   +1y
gonna drag on by, meet up at home depot sat night for drag session

gonna drive from cordele down to tifton via I-75, then turn around, ima have my camera and MTM is supposed to have theirs too
baha   +1y
I'll be there sat but I'm going to miss the drag session   +1y
Dang you lower state people.

Hey I can't complain right now it's been 30-40's outside.
baha   +1y
move to the south lol
tiffany   +1y
ya move south... i did and im lovin it   +1y
Yeah but you people have all those hurricanes and tornados.
bodydropped85   +1y
eh its not as bad here in western middle ga as u think
spngr311   +1y

I second that!

I went to Michigan once. I was in Pontiac area and man, that place sucks. It was June (or late May), and the weather was like 60* and nasty. The people were nice, but the place is just horrible. Although, it was cool seeing Ford GT's running around up there; all the exotics I see in South Florida are Porsche Carrera GT's, Lamborghini's (sp?), and Ferrari's.