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General Discussion \  Ever get tired of seeing "S-10 Special" ?

Ever get tired of seeing "S-10 Special" ?

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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
I tried cleaing my room tonight and started getting all my truck magz in one pile and started noticeing a trend, I counted about 5 s-10 specials on the cover of minitrucking and sport truck, same shity topics like how to make your 4 cyl run like a V-8 ,lowering your truck in under a hour and my favorite " Bolt on Bodydrop delivered right to your door" just makes me sick.

I actually only remember 1 ranger special minitruckin had and it had 2 ranger one green and one purple and the title was something gay like POWER RANGERS this was back in 98 I think. Has anyone ever seen a Ranger Special issue in anything latley like since 1999

I-beams and S-10s both suck.
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tiger   +1y
Nope....and S-10 suck my hairy nut sack.
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scrp1day   +1y
id like to see every fasg who goes out and buys the s-10 xtreme fall off a fukin cliff. im so tired of all that shit with s-10s. theyre not special! they are a cheaply made truck who compares with the civic in the ricer world. i cant wait till they all finally go away!
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msturg   +1y
honestly I don't really have anything against s10's, in fact there are a lot of really clean ones out there. What I don't like is how many damn s10 there are.

That's not the topic though, magazine specials are. I never have understood why they do s10 specials besides the fact that prolly 90% of subscribers are s10 owners.

And I wouldn't get too pissed off about it, when was the last time you saw a dakota special, luv special, or 720 special. And for the record they should bring back suv's, I want to see durango's, explorers, and blazers.
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scrp1day   +1y
im a little confused now msturg. you say you dont have anything against the s10 but your license plate seems to say otherwise. just wonderin?

but yeah i agree the other trucks dont get the specials either really. i have seen an import truck special a couple months back. and if any truck besides us deserves a special it would have to be the nissan hardbody.
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msturg   +1y
plate is there for a couple of reasons, I think it's funny, it pisses people off. What I have against s10 is there drivers, in my opinion they are the ricers of our industry. Smack on every bolt on part they can, and think they are hot shit.

In order to stand out in an s10 you either have to do something really stupid, or something really incredible. sdimes are just that dime a dozen.
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bodydropped85   +1y
lol ill talk to mike see if hes gota anything planned. i say a ford issue, explorers,bIIS and rangers. now ifi can get him to do a jeep special ill be the whole mag!
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baha   +1y
lets see that thing james haha
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daweezi   +1y
did you buy the commanche james?
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bodydropped85   +1y
i am tommorrow....