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Last of the burnt truck pics

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cruznlife1   +1y
Finally got the rest of the pics off of my phone. Sorry for the quality, it's a camera phone

Pics of cutting off the front clip to take out motor, motor out, than at the junkyard. They went through the body with that HUGE ASS forklift, tossed it around really quick, and threw it. It tumbled he flung it so hard, it tumbled and landed right side up where you see it, looked like a toy in every sense of the word.... And I got fitty four bucks fo it yo..... All that hard earned money and a year of work for 2 20's a 10 and some singles.... It's already crushed too, nothing left to pick and pull, it's a tiny little cube now. Sorry no pic of that, it was pretty gross.

Oh yeah and the pics of the burger king that cought fire, those doors are what stopped it, it cought fire about 50 yards away, and left it in gear, when the starter shorted it drove itself over the curb and crashed into the building right there. Those tiremarks on the ground are freakin permanant, those are the melted front tires peeling off on the ground. Keep in mind it was COMPLETELY on fire when it hit there

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spngr311   +1y

Sad to see it like that.
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tiffany   +1y
damn thats sad! I almost shed a tear lookin at those for real dude!
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dirty   +1y

sad day for the ranger family
hate to see it go out like that
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hotboxd   +1y
still hurts my soul. i can't believe it survived whatever chaos happened down there only to be creamated with a burger king garbage pen.
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bodydropped85   +1y
dam that blows. i still want the mtoor lol.
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
sad to see it go that way...
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daweezi   +1y
sad to see it like that
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scrp1day   +1y
hold on im wiping the tears of shame and sadness. ok im better. no im not i gotta go!
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t baggin98   +1y
damn that blows man. ive had a lot of hard times with my truck the past couple months but damn! nothin compares to that... sorry bro