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car clubs in south atlanta

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dubranger   +1y
i shut down my club and iam looking to see if any other clubs want to pick me up.. i am a webmaster so i can contribute to a club..i have lots of plans for my truck

i live in griffin and want to see if there is any that yall know of and or can reffer me to?
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baha   +1y
why did you decide to shut it down man? I def know where your coming from starting a club is a TON of work.

ID - Founder
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dubranger   +1y
well being the president and the webmaster is alot of work and having a bunch of deadbeat members dont help and the fact that they dont care about their vehicles like i do.. i tried and tried but i cant run a club its fun but alot of work and i dont have the power to run one so thats why i would like to be in an already established club...
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t baggin98   +1y
i feel ya. i was in 2 differant clubs before my roommate and i started x-rated customs. it makes things easy when all the members are active with everything and always try to help out though. i dont run a web site on the side either though. i will be soon though so ill probably be askin you guys a few questions.
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