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I wish I saw this earlier!

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mrrngr94   +1y

I would have fukkin pimped that thing! Spend some time on the engine then go embarrass some ricers!
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layingframe89   +1y
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tiffany   +1y
holy shit todd if you lay one finger on that car im going to have to kill you. lol i wanna bid on it.

SIKE! gross. that is the ugliest woody I have ever seen. lmao
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the twanksta   +1y
That thing is sweet! I would love to stomp on some rice with that!
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scrp1day   +1y
hell yeah that would emberass a honda soooooo bad! i want two of them!
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daweezi   +1y
that thing is only good for a beater at best lol...but i would still get a kcik out of seeing someone roast some rice
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tiger   +1y
Shit, those K-cars with the turbo motor can make a LOT of HP and go really, really fast.

Looks like my mom's car from the front, cept she has the drop-top version. She burnt up a piston a whil eback and the motor needs to be rebuilt, hoping to score a turbo motor/tranny and swap that into it. I'll mod it behind my mom's back so she has ricer eating power.
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mrrngr94   +1y
Hey we've all seen the turbo caravan whip that camaro. This thing is lighter than a caravan and has the same motor!
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scrp1day   +1y
i havent see that vid post me a link i like to laugh!
dirty avatar
dirty   +1y
hell id bag and shave that bitch
then best some honda ass and then drag on them

that would be hella cool