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Well Well Well.. it is Monday night and I am leaving the state of Ohio just as the early Fall breese starts to fill the air in 5 days(satruday).

ok that was ghey, Well its my last week of everything in Ohio until i come back to visit in Dec. My last Day at the hospital I work at is tomarrow, MY last day doin home renovation is on Thursday. Friday I getto spend the day packing up my truck, picking up Tiff cuz my parents r awesome and bought her a plane ticket to fly up and drive down with me.And my aunts throwing some big cook-out as a goi-away party that i have to for once.. not drink at because i got a 16hr drive Saturday morning!

I'm excited and nervous at the same time with everything goin on. I cant wait to home with my 'new' family, get my rims on, and just be in the tropical weather of Florida rather then the winter thats gonna hit the north soon. I am stressed as all hell b/c i DO NOT have a job yet and need one asap to pay the bills but once i start working again everything should be cool!

I've always grown up with the morals of family being a big part of your life because no matter what happens, your familywill always be there. This is one thing that makes this move the hardest, leaving all my family (3 gp's, 20 aunts n uncles, and 26 cousins, my parents and lil brother) SO i have a big family that all live in the same 30 min area of ohio, that I am leaving. My mom is already plannign to come down for Thanksgiving with my lil bro and she can spend that with Tiffs family cuz they celebrate her bday then. And my dad is bring my lil bro down again in January when his company has an anual managers meeting in Orlando and they r planning to stay a few days with us after the meeting r over which will be great. Me and Tiff r are ordering our plane tickets to fly up to Ohio for Xmas... Tiff has never seen snow!!

Well I guess i'll stop blabling, i'm just going nuts thinking ofeverything i still have to do to get settled down in Florida after all the stuff i have done and how much money i have to be saving and having ready for upcoming bills! I just cant wait to get a few months ahead of where I am now and I can look back and laugh at how stressed i have made myself over this!

Any of you guys make this much of a life-changing decission? I know we got some military guys around here...
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mrrngr94   +1y
Yup. I've made them a few times. Each one is just as scarry as the last. We'll be seeing ya soon!
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hell yea man. yall need to stay in GA on the way down and well hang out.
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I second that. Make that 16 hour drive a little more tolerable and a little less long. Ga is about the halfway mark anyhow....

I know how you feel about family, I know this sounds lame, but I still live with my parents, and I don't have any immediate plans to move out. My brother lives in the same city about 5 mins away, sister and nephews about 15 mins over,'s nice to have people around.

Never have made quite a life-changing descion like that....I haven't foudn a good enough reason to mix things up that much yet.
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yeah i ahve owned my house for about a year or so now its great and u will love it
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tiffany   +1y

Well not to sound all mushy but, I will make his decision totally worth while. I know this is a huge change in his life. Its going to be hard at first but totally worth it in the end. He knows I will do anything for him. I have already done so much. I found us the house, set up the utilities, cleaned the house, and worked the whole deal with the lease and the rent. I know it doesnt sound like alot but that is tough for one person to do alone. I work about 36 hours a week and I go to school for 9 credit hours a week and I work out 3 days a week. Thats already alot on my plate but this was so important to him (and me) that I did everything I could when I could to get everything in order for him to come down. It hectic now but about a month or so and everything will calm down hopefully (well at least until all yall come down for LNO!) Im always there for him and I will always support him no matter what!

Ok I am done with my lovey dovey stuff! <3
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nothing.. Tiff's a goober
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Wow, that is a lotta work you did there for soemone else, if we couldn't feel the love before, we can now.

I used to be that way in relationships, I was always the one wanting to do everything, the one going out of my way to get thigns done, and it always came back to bite me in the one point, I just stopped trying, and that bit me in the ass too. So fuck it....