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tiger   +1y
It's 1966 Falcon 2-door. Blue exterior, blue interior, with buckets and some nice 14" American Racing wheels.

But, it's not quite what you's just a parts car for the real hot rod...the '66 Ranchero. We'll be using the hood, instrument cluster, drop down gauges, door sills, and some other this and thats off of it. It's got V8 (289/302) motor mounts and headers that I'll also use. Hoping to grab the 289 hi-po and C4 from it as well in a week or two, it was previously taken out of the car. It hit a tree in the back, so it's dented pretty good, and the bucket seats need new covers, needs a headliner, etc. Overall a good parts car, or resto/mod for the adventrous type. It's not rust free, but it appears that what rust is there is surface rust and not anything serious. So if anyone wants, needs, or knows someone who needs some Falcon parts, or the whole car, lemme know. While it doesn't currently have a motor, it can come with a 200 I-6 and a three-speed if needed.
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mrrngr94   +1y
Damn you! I'd fix up the Falcon and put some dros on that sumbish!
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tiger   +1y

fuck that...good lookin car, no doubt, but I've already got like 3 projects, with 2-3 more on the way....don't need anything else taking space.

I'm just excited because, hopefully, if I can get the motor and tranny, it'll make the Ranchero that much closer to being finished, which is always a fun time, rolling the project out and taking it for a ride.
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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
I got a 66 fairlane 500 2dr you can have its going to just rust away if someone dosent get it soon.
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scrp1day   +1y
love the falcons im shoppin for a galaxy right now though. anybody now a good ford boneyard?
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bodydropped85   +1y
hey hows the dash look in it???
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tiger   +1y
Metal dash face is near perfect. it doesn't have the stock radio, but the dash isn't cut all to hell in order to fit the new radio, don't even think the dash was cut at all. No a/c vents. The top dash pad needs to be replaced or redone, typical cracking out of a car from this period.

I'll get some pics if you want them.
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