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Wheel repair, paid too much ??

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cruznlife1   +1y
Well, last night I hit a pothole, bent the hell out of 2 wheels and had a blowout. I put the stockies on and brought the wheels to the local wheel shop. they said they dont know if they're repairable but they'll try. They're gonna call me in the morning. I got a full written estimate. it's 372 for the repair on both combined, and 260 bucks for two new tires installed and balanced. So after tax it's all like 650 bucks. I doubt going after the city will do anything, but I might try it anyways. anyone have any tips ? Sorry no pics, but I'll snap some pics when I get them back. I'm considering selling these wheels when I get them back and buying different ones. they are the ones in my sig. 20x9.5 in the back 18x8 up front. Repaired "like new" wheels in the front with 2 new front tires, rears are in decent shape, with nitto tires about 75% tread left. What have yall ever paid ? These are boyds and the repair was MUCH cheaper than new wheels. Anyone possibly interested in them when I get them back ?
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
go after the city, if they had known about the potholes or they had been there a while they will pay for the repairs and replacement tires.. i've seen it work out fairly often
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daweezi   +1y
yea i would definately go after the city on that one
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spngr311   +1y
Damn bro, you're having one crappy set of weeks! Let us all know how it goes with the city - I'm waiting for the day it happens to me with the roads in South Florida.
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bodydropped85   +1y
forrest mite be iduno.
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t baggin98   +1y
damn bro... youve had some rough times latly. hope everything works out for ya
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cruznlife1   +1y
hell yeah man, I'm running out of things to redo and fix though, so hopefully it only gets better.
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noclue   +1y
what do you want for them? ill be in west palm for thanksgiving most likely and def want to see them
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cruznlife1   +1y
after the wheel repair and new tires, I dont know we can work something out. All four have absolutly no scratches or rash, and polish to a perfect mirror

SOME MORE PICS.... the top one was after a good polishing, the bottom one wasnt even polished just clean. there are absolutly no scratches or curb checks on the wheels whatsoever, and after the fronts get repaired they'll be "near perfect"

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the twanksta   +1y
cruzn in that second pic, how did you get the back so low? what did you have done back there?