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daweezi   +1y
so yea today i realized i dunno if i want to be a biomedical engineer anymore. At first i thought it may be because im having trouble in one of the my engineering classes (electrical fundamentals of circuit analysis), but the more i think about it the more i think i dont want to be an engineer because i dont like the classes themselves. So far the only 2 out of the 9 engineering classes that i have truly liked were where one was about the actual design of some things and the other was bascially a lit class for engineering majors. and usually when classes are harder for me i tend to like them more, the classes i have made the worst grades in i have like the most like chem, calc 2, and mess like that, and other classes that i have taken that i really like are a religion class and another lit class. And before even starting this school year i figured that what i really wanted to do was be an engineer for like ten years then teach high school the rest of my life. Of course i havent told my parents this, i have only talked to them about switching to mechanical engineering which is still engineering. But right now i think i would love to teach high school calc or history. another reason why i dont think ive tried to consider switching a major earlier is the fact that im lazy and dont want to deal with changing major, meeting with people, redoing financial aid crap, blah blah blah. so yea basically i just dont know what to do and am not sure if i dont want to be an engineering because a class is giving me trouble or if i truly just want to do something else. i have loved every math class ive been in, including differential equations that i am in now but i really dislike the engineering class. But thats enough rambling, any input and opinions would be appreciated. im not goin to do anything tho until i get back a test i took today, i studied my ass of for it comparatively to what i normally study, but i know i already got one out of 8 questions wrong so im not sure how that will turn out....ugh i hate school
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baha   +1y
I think you answered your own question man, Changing majors realy isn't all that difficult. I changed majors and even schools, Just speak with the advisor or administration office to see what all steps are involved each school is different. Don't worry about your parents they should be supportive because its your future career not theirs. My Parents supported my decision. Good luck
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sparkranger   +1y
Be an automotive teacher on how to make ugly hoopties, be draggin hoopties.

Hmmm....Maybe I should do that instead.

But you did answer your own question. All you need to do is tell the parents and you should be ok to some extent.

Good luck with whatever you do man.
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bodydropped85   +1y
blah quit and work so ujust barly get by but have a bodydropped truck lol
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y

i totally know someone liek that!

btw.. you did answer ur own question.. i was iffy on telling my parents I wanted to change school.. now i know i wanna change major and i am moving 1000 miles away from all my family.. try breaking that to you mom if your a mamma's boy like me! lol Good Luck
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daweezi   +1y
lol yea, im not really worried about telling my parents, mainly im unsure about it because i feel like im quiting, my gf has been telling me im not, just changing...but i cant help but feel like im quiting if i change my major, but then again if i dont change it i may be miserable, i gotta bout a month until the withdrawal deadline tho so i have to some time to decide if im keeping all my engineering classes or dropping one to lighten the rest of teh load, right now im taking 7 classes muhahaha
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daweezi   +1y
oh yea and thanks everyon for the imput
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layingframe89   +1y
maybe u should just drop one class or 2 just to lighten the load so u dont feel so overwelmed
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scrp1day   +1y
yeah i agree with lf89 drop a couple classes so you can focus on fewer things. if the it stilll doesnt feel right id switch. you need to be happy whether it be a 30k a year job or a 300k a year job. being happy is the most important thing. just imagine waking up every morning being excited to go to work or at least not dreading it. i wake up nkowing i like my job and the people i work with. i kow i couldnt say that a few years ago. i used to loathe going to work and working with people i felt made me feel inferior. im rant ing now seriously though happiness is the key. if it doesnt make you hapy its not worth it.
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daweezi   +1y
yea thats exactly what ive been thinkin, i applied for a transfer to uga last night for spring semester but at the same time im goin to drop a class too so even if i get accepted to uga again i still will have a chance to try the engineering out with one less class...we will see how it goes
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