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the twanksta   +1y
Hey guys, I got a pretty gay final proect due tomorrow and I have no clue what to do for it. Basically we were gonna do a documentary but we were only given web cams, so thats gay. So now the requirement is basically ne topic with ne video as long as we have around 5 or so argumentive points on it...yeah GAY! So ne one please try to help me out.

I was gonna do one on "tourettes guy" but his site went down so i cant ne more..THANKS IN ADVANCE GUYS!
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dwarfranger   +1y
try anything on
daweezi avatar
daweezi   +1y
yea definately
scrp1day avatar
scrp1day   +1y
do the smurf one on ebaum so hilarious
xxxxcjxxxx avatar
xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
whats that fat guy doing the jedi light saber fighting vid... thats one you can go a few different directions with...
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