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passed my physical test....

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tiger   +1y
Gotta toot my horn a little here...I passed the written test of the firefighter's test....Today I took the physical portion. It went linke this, put 50lbs on your back, pick up a length of fire hose (about 20 lbs), carry it up three flights of stairs, drop it, go back down; hit a weighted sled with a dead-blow sledge hammer and move it ~5 feet (VERY difficult, much harder then it sounds); extend the fly section of a two-piece ladder and retract it, twice (weighs about 40 lbs); pull a 15lbs weight down 25 times; crawl through a 3' colvert (slippery as crap), lift a 30lbs weight from 2' 6" to 3' 6" and back again; carry a pressurized hose 75 feet (I screwed up this part...didn't sling the hose as much as I should've), discahrge the hose the drop it; and finally drag a 175 lbs (at least) dummy 75 feet. You've got a 7 min time limit. My time wasn't too, too impressive at 5:01, but I paced myself so as to not burn out. The fastest time was 3:16 put up by a 40 year old British Hey, at least I passed.
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scrp1day   +1y
congrats man im thinking of going into firefighting in the civilian world im an engineer in the navy and im on the shipboard fire party so ive basics in real world and advanced ship board firefighting down what are they starting you guys at in ga? i knowin fl its about 26-30 a year starting whihc is where im going if i get out
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tiger   +1y
My county starts at ~33/year, high as 36, low as 28 locally. Not sure about city pay...
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scrp1day   +1y
so when do you start and whats your position?
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hotrangergirl   +1y
Congrats !!!

You gotta paint your truck Bright Red now - like mine !! -lol

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daweezi   +1y
congrats tiger, let us know when u will be starting. ive always believed it takes balls to be a firefighter so you get my props.
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baha   +1y
congradulations tiger, anyone who risks their life on a daily basis to save others def deserves props
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scrp1day   +1y
what rank do they start you at?
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tiger   +1y
Firefighter/EMT, not sure of an actual rank though...
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infernoford   +1y
congrats man. I agree with Baha