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Making money through powdercoating ??

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cruznlife1   +1y
Well, I have an extra oven in the garage, and a large mediablast cabinet compressor etc.... I was thinking about building a bench to setup everything in, and setting up a full powdercoat rig. Basically I have a handful of things I need done on my truck before slamfest. I could either pay someone to do it all, or buy everything to do it myself and spend the same amount. However if I have everything I could provide the service to others. Anyone here need anything powdercoated ? Can get any color and would stock the basic colors. I just dont want to get stuck with this stuff if I can't find anyone that needs anything done. Dont know what prices would be, but basically send it to me, it'll get mediablasted, cleaned, powder coated, cleaned, and shipped back. Turnaround would be pretty quick. Discounts for people on this site too. I've already spoken to baha about some advertisement space on rangerscene. Hell I could probably advertise it at rangerscene with my own truck. Let me know what you guys think.
daweezi avatar
daweezi   +1y
hell i think its a great idea
spngr311 avatar
spngr311   +1y
I might have some things that could use some powdercoating.
tiger avatar
tiger   +1y
I can only think of a few things on my truck that could use PC right now, but even beyond this site, go to local shows and let people know that you can PC, that's the way to go.
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mrrngr94   +1y
I thought about doing this before too. I think it's a great idea
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92fordranger   +1y
i actually d it ot we have bif media bl;asting cabinet and powder coating machine
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