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RPS Whoring last night..

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the twanksta   +1y
Hey guys was bored so I figured Id whore out RPS and piss some people off...well of course I got banned but I got 40 posts in before I got caught! haha. And each post had a GIANT rangerscene banner in it, the same size as the one up top^^. Well, to say the least I def did piss some people off...One actually edited my post, but i saw who edited it(moron) so i got him back, im blausplash_, he is blausplash..haha! sorry for the long post.

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the twanksta   +1y
HAHA! I just learned that it was a moderator! lol.
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tiger   +1y

Don't let RS be like RPS, no need to act like an asshole just for the helluva it.
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jackedup99   +1y
wow, way to be a flamming homo
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the twanksta   +1y
nah, im done. it was just a lil boredom fun while im at school.
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spngr311   +1y

I second that. Show some maturity.
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daweezi   +1y
yea you probably took it a little far with 40+ posts...not very tactful, but im sure you know that by now
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itsarealedgeiswear   +1y
Good Going Jackass Got another Josh Giles in the works.
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tiffany   +1y
oh gosh give the boy a tiny bit of credit.

high five twanksta
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the twanksta   +1y
thanx tiff. I mean I do admit it was foolish, but geez. I mean t was all out of fun, and it was only a one time thing. sorry guys. and trust me im not an asshole, especially not compared to most of the guys on rps. just like to have fun every once in a while. but like i said sorry.