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laid out by the cops

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t baggin98   +1y
when i got on base today and got ready for duty we all decided we wanted breakfast. so we made up a list for everyone and me and another guy in my section left base and went to mcdonalds. when i was gettin close i saw a cop car pullin in too. so i sped up to catch up to him. when i pulled in he was parking in the farthest spot away from the buildin by himself. so i pulled up right next to him and sat there for a sec. when he was about to walk inside i laid my shit out. he stoped and looked then started walkin out to my truck. then i got out in my uniform and when he saw me he just turned right back around, started shakin his head and walked inside. i wish i had a camera so i could have takin a pic.
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xxxxcjxxxx   +1y
lmao... good shit
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bodydropped85   +1y
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daweezi   +1y
haha thats sweet as hell man
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tiffany   +1y
thats freakin awesome!
Like 2 drag meets ago...the cops came and busted it up and everyone dragged out of this thing we call the "Quadrangle" Its like a huge culda sac of businesses and there is a median in the middle of the road and everyone just goes down and around and drags the whole way. People line the streets to watch. Anyways I was riding shotty when the cops came and everyone (like 50-75 trucks) dragged their asses out of there it was sweet. People were racing out, people were dragging out, it was just freaking amazing. I was laughing so hard cause it seemed like the cops didnt know what to do. They were out numbered by mini truckers! he he he
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wht01ranger   +1y
haha tahts great man
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reflectorcollectin_ranger   +1y
hahah thats awesome man.
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