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baggedranger94   +1y
hey guys really havent been on here too much. wanted to say that I am going to be starting a part time shop offerening alot of parts to bag and help along with bagging your truck. rangers especially. since I'm all about fords and own 2 rangers ad a f-150. there has to be some where for people can go for parts like suicide doors does for s-10s. if all goes good and demand is higher I will built a 3-link for rangers. taking the guess work out of trying to assemble your 3-link from scratch. I have 6 years of mig welding and metal fabrication and have a very respectably known name in the Delaware/Jersey/PA/Maryland region. also I am the chapter head of FREAKS OF NATURE delaware chapter right now I offer anything you need/want to help your project along. the website is being re-built soon you will be able to pay online and get your parts QUICK. also I will have a gallery set-up so you can view my work. prices are very reasonable.

my myspace
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ã,â§pl rangerǃ   +1y
Sounds good man. You should post this on Much more active site
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