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Today started off good...

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smarsogvp   +1y
Woke up this morning and stated workin on my truck. I got my gas tank bracket in, cut out the crossmember that hits my driveshaft, and trimmed the bed to stob rubbing. After leaving my house going down the highway i guess i overestimated my driveshaft clearence and slammed it against the cab which ripped the driveshaft in half. I feel stupid, and i really need to get my tunnel done... lol
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chunky_thunder   +1y
i did the exact same thing in front of a bunch of people i went and got a new one it was 100 bucks but hell i had to have it and also if your truck doesnt run like it should check the fuses on the side of the dash mine ran like crap until i could get it home and it will use alot of gas also
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