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Bodydrop in... four days???

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layinbodyon20s   +1y
That says it all. There is a show about half hour away from me on the 9th. So tomorrow I am going to get the cab back on my ranger and start cuttin. Im going to bust ass and try to atleast get it tacked up and held together for the show. Itll be here and there during the days and four all nighters and a morning, then on the trailor and on to the show. The show has an Under Construction Class that Ill be entering in. I think I should be up there because it will be the first traditional bodydrop from my town, come to think of it, the whole county. Might even be the first in a few surrounding counties. Theres been one successful bnodydrop that I know of at all, and it was a stock floored S10 that one of my buddies did. Hopefully I can pull something off in time!!!
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22below   +1y
Post up the pics of progress!
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layinbodyon20s   +1y
Sorry guys couldnt get it done. I got the cab on the frame on thrusday, in by then it just seemed too late. I am going to try to get a good start on it by the weekend after next for slamology in Indianapolis IN. I know I suck, but I did get the frame done all the way(backhalf) and most of my 4link tabs cut and welded on.
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baha   +1y
take some pics man thats alot of work to do in 4 days.
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