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super duper bad news

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scrp1day   +1y
So the ranger is gone... im ultra depressed but at least i know its in ggod hands. it went with my brother in,law to monterey or somewhere in cali. i bought a work truck (toyota tundra) and couldnt afford to have the truck insured and just chillin out. i know its been forever and a day since i posted on here but its beacaue i am ashamed that my ranger is gone. i kiss it so bad. my work truck i cool and all but it will never be my ranger. i know now that i want a square body ranger most likely an 85-87. thyey look so clean layed out. so im on the hunt for one. prefereably already bagged and bd. i kow it tkaes away some of the fun but i can do all the electrical and other stuff not invloving welding. ill still be around from time to time. stay low and slow

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22below   +1y
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speedster93b   +1y
sorry to hear your baby is gone. must be terrible
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