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2003 Ranger exhaust questions

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yuseaname7   +1y
My beloved 2003 Ranger was recently in a wreck at my school (I was going down the main road out of the parking lot when someone in a Camaro failed to yield my right of way. The end result was me smashing into the side of his car and it was his fault. However, when the body shop did all the repairs they didn't repair the exhaust, which all that happened there was the catalytic converter underneath got pinched into. So, they did a job that made me want to cry it was so bad that involed using a primate to weld a flex pipe from the places. It leaks bad. So, i figured something has to be done. My plan now involves purchasing another muffler like the one i got. Then, i will take it a muffler shop and get them to set up a dual sidepipe system, coming from in front of the wheels. Each side of the engine will have its own muffler, so to speak. What i wanna know is is that if this is a bad idea (catalytic converters dont matter, this is the country part of south carolina). Any help would be appreciated. Peace.
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speedster93b   +1y
so you want an opinion of whether to run your exhaust in front of or behind your axle? doesn't make a damn bit of difference.
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