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my truck is acting like a butthead

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95lowtide   +1y
i parked my truck (95 Splash with 3.0L v6 for reference) probably 3 weeks so i could drive my winter ride around. well when i parked it, it was running pretty decent. well today i get in and let the engine warm up a bit. after it warmed up, i decided to go take it for a drive because i hadnt driven it in awhile. i go down the road few miles and it acts like its hesitating. i was near a Krogers so i went in the parking lot and looked under my truck at my fuel lines (i relocated my gas tank in bed..truck is bagged thats why). i noticed on one of the lines that it looked as if there was a small leak. i grab the flat head screwdriver and tightened the connections up (they were a little loose). i get back in my truck and decide to go up the road a little ways. it started doing it again but it wasnt as bad (it wont bad in the first place but enough to be concerned) so i decided to go ahead and get gas for it. threw in $20 worth of 89 octane which brought it up to about 3/4 tank. drove it some more and it did it just a little bit. im thinking if i drive it a little more, it might be ok but im not sure. i got a show in a few weeks (10hr drive to the show) and i dont want my truck to die on me going there or coming back. anybody have any other ideas of what else i could check?
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wanna b lower   +1y
Did you have gas from the summer in your tank when you drove it? There is a huge difference between summer and winter blend gas and if you try to use summer blend in the winter (which could happen if you had summer blend in it when you parked it to drive the daily) then you will have alot of drivability problems similer to what you mentioned. Id say use the gas up thats in the tank and refill with winter blend.
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bodydropped85   +1y
sounds liek the gas got a lil geled up. put some of the stuff in the tank that keeps it from doin that and flush the system, i would put on a new fuel filter to.
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sympletruth316   +1y
yeah i had the same problem. I just had a fuel system flush and it cleared it up and even made the check engine light go away. BONUS!!!
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95lowtide   +1y
i got it fixed...and man do i feel stupid. after looking around in the engine bay, there was a hose that goes to the charcoal canister that came off. i put it back on and it runs like a champ now.
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