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A few Rangers for sale & a Lincoln towncar

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Well they arent mine, but I figured I would let people know about them. They are guys I work with and one of them is having a rough time right now so im tryin to do my part anyway I can. One of them is a 99 with only like 67k miles on it. He is only asking $2500.00 It was his brothers before he passed away a few months ago. The Lincoln he is tryin to sell for $2000.00 & I believe its a 99 also. Belongs to his mom who isnt expected to be around much longer. Another guy is tryin to sell his 95 Ranger for $2000.00, but I dont know as much about it. As far as miles and all. If anyone is interested just let me know. Ill pm the phone numbers of the people to you. Later
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